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EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique 


EFT is another healing modality that works with acupuncture points.  It's a method of tapping   on specific points on the hands, face and body with your fingertips while focusing on an issue or feeling  you're hoping to resolve.  It's useful in reducing stress and anxiety, improve performance, lessen cravings, and help resolve fears. Although it's a stand alone modality, it's very powerful when used with hypnosis for particular issues. 


As with hypnosis, some of the areas EFT can help with include:

- smoking cessation

- releasing extra weight

- stress/anxiety

- confidence

- public speaking

- job interviewing

- sports performance and so much more! 

EFT is a safe and effective technique. Studies have shown that tapping allows the brain and body to release stress and negative emotions, as well as calm and regulate the central nervous system.


$50 per (Zoom) stand-alone session (approx. 20 min, after brief interview).

$25 per session, if purchased with and used with Hypnosis session.

$75 recording for your personal use. (Not to be sold or used by another).

Payment through PayPal, Venmo, or Zelle.

"What worries you, masters you."

- John Locke

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