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Auragraphs, which was a term coined by Harold Sharp in the 1940's is a fun and unique way to translate messages from Spirit into a beautiful keepsake.  The artwork itself is always inspired by Spirit. For some it may just be as simple as colors on a page, for some it might be more elaborated and detailed. This initial style is what came to me during a reading. The "P" was the first one I ever did and I was so inspired that I opted to continued to offer my "Initial Auragraphs". No two are alike as they're are created for each individual. 

If interested in a reading w/initial auragraph I request a picture of the person the artwork is for and their birthdate. The drawing may take a few extra days to complete and won't be available immediately.


Whether you're looking for a reading or just want a unique piece of art, consider one for yourself or as a gift for someone else.

Letter L.jpg
Letter P.jpg
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